1031 Corp.
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Classification Codes/Property Types

AGRI = Agricultural
CM/OFF = Commercial/Office
CNDO = Condominium
INDWHS = Industrial/Warehouse
RES/AP = Residential Dwelling/Apartment
2-4APT = 2 to 4 Unit Apartment Building
C = Commercial
CM/RTL = Commercial/Retail
I = Industrial
IND/MFG = Industrial/Manufacturing
UNIMGR = Unimproved ground
5+APT = 5+ Unit Apartment Building


1031 Corp. began providing our INVESTMENT PROPERTY LISTING (IPL) as an additional service to our clients in February, 1995. Although our IPL is designed to assist our clients sell or locate investment properties, it is beneficial to many Realtors as well. We have begun to allow Realtors to list business use or investment properties currently on the market. Therefore, the only requirement for a property to be included on our IPL is that it currently be utilized as a business use or investment property and is for sale. The seller does not have to effect a 1031 exchange although the seller of any business use or investment property should carefully consider the many benefits of a 1031 tax deferred exchange. The buyer of any of our listings does not have to be in the process of completing a 1031 exchange. In short, we are simply providing our clients a listing of available properties to assist them in their exchange. It is also an excellent way to get increased exposure for an available property within a very limited target market.


Each property is assigned a reference number when submitted to 1031 Corp. for inclusion on our IPL. All properties are then listed as and referred to as a reference number at that point. 1031 Corp. will notify you of the assigned reference number to any property you have listed.


The Investment Property Listing is a free service provided by 1031 Corp. It is designed to assist our clients sell and locate investment properties for their 1031 Exchange. A new issue is sent out on the first Friday of every month. It is automatically sent to all 1031 Corp. clients currently looking for their replacement property. The Listing is also being included in the 1031 Corp. information folders sent to potential clients. The Listing is currently reaching five hundred investors and Realtors throughout the country every month. Also, we are pleased to announce that the Listing is now accessible on the World Wide Web. This means that in addition to the 500+ "hard copies" being distributed each month, 55 million people can access our on-line version. The on-line version will be updated on a bi-monthly basis. Please vist our web site at http://www.1031corp.com to not only access the IPL, but for information on 1031 exchanges and the services offered by 1031 Corp.


All inquiries for any listed property are to be directed to 1031 Corp. 1031 Corp. does not have any additional information on a listed property. Simply complete an inquiry request or call 1031 Corp. at 1-800-828-1031 to obtain the name and telephone number of the person who has listed the property. 1031 Corp. does not receive any type of compensation for linking buyers to sellers.


To include a property on our IPL, simply complete the new listing data form or call 1031 Corp. to have a complete start-up packet sent to you. At that point, you may then use the Internet to give us the information or you can fax it to us. Once the property is listed, the listing will remain as is until you request a change using the listing revision form or by contacting 1031 Corp. at 1-800-828-1031. In order to keep the IPL as current as possible, please be sure to notify 1031 Corp. of any changes immediately. Changes include price reduction, property now sold or off the market, etc.


We want to hear from you. Your input is essential in making this program a success. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the operation of the Investment Property Listing, please let us know by clicking here. If you have any questions, contact Cheryl Fagan at 1-800-828-1031.

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