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"1031 Corp. made the task of exchanging properties simple and painless".

C. Griesser, Realtor

"Your work was professional, helpful, and pleasant- and the most economical I could find. You were always available to answer questions and provide advice".

E. Ludwig, Federal Judge

"I can not think of anything to enhance the product or delivery. 1031 Corp. came through with flying colors! Our compliments also to your staff who addressed every phone inquiry with professionalism and, assurance, and who were never too busy to make us feel important".

G. & K Delrnonico

"You were a pleasure to work with; as efficient as you were pleasant. Everything 1031 Corp. said they would do was done - and when they said it would be. Considering all the legal ramifications and documentations, you made it all quite easy to understand".

A. Zuccarello

"1031 Corp. personnel made a complicated IRS provision simple and workable".

D. & K Stoltzfus

"All parties were winners: my clients now own a newer, more modern property with a fresh depreciation schedule, and I was able to earn additional commission income by finding them a replacement property (my listing, my sale!). Everyone I came in contact with at 1031 Corp. was knowledgeable and courteous. Every phone call was promptly returned and every question was thoroughly answered. Paperwork was timely, yet minimal. In short, it was EASY!" "Thank you 1031 Corp. for making me look so good".

B. Krzyk, Realtor

"Your professionalism calmed our fears and your competence secured our confidence. As we proceeded through the complicated details you and your staff provided prompt, courteous and timely response and assistance".

J. & D. Dunwoody

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